Societatea pentru Proiecte Morale Structurate Calitativ

Mission / Purpose

The purpose of setting up the association with non-political character Society for Moral Projects Qualitative Structured is to promote moral products qualitative structured, in order to increase the quality of life for children, especially those from families without public visibility and social unattended.


1. Moral projects can address every aspect of human existence, which is directly or indirectly linked with the purpose and objectives of the association. A moral project can be developed to become a moral product.
2. The moral product, characterized by no-patrimoniality and legitimacy is the quality structured conceptual result that is offered to the society to meet the needs in the fields of general public interest.
3. In order to increase the quality of life of referred children, moral products require the involvement of all age categories, because the transmission way of this information and models is mainly the family one.
4. In order to achieve the intended purpose of these moral products, it is possible the involvement of any organizations or individuals from all society segments.

General and permanent objectives of SMPQS are:

1. Promoting in the social framework a new category of products - moral products: moral excellence models/ concepts presented in the form of games, brochures, books, public presentations, web pages etc., in accessible formats to different age categories.
2. Application of fundamental principles of quality management in social life, in order to increase the quality of life, especially the life for children.
3. Identification and inclusion in to moral products of behavior patterns in normal and crisis situation, not included in educational process, so as to be attenuated the gap between official proclaimed moral and the actually practiced one.
4. Identification and inclusion in to moral products of concepts based on the outcome of the analysis of errors in national history.
5. Completing the system of social values so as to ensure independence of thought regardless of historical circumstances.
6. Working with recognized experts in the fields of theology, ethics, educational sciences, psychology, law, quality (standardized management systems) etc., and other people dedicated to these areas, but no official recognized.


Scopul infiintarii asociatiei cu caracter apolitic Societatea pentru Proiecte Morale Structurate Calitativ este promovarea unor produse morale structurate calitativ, cu scopul de a creste calitatea vietii copiilor, in special a celor neasistati social si proveniti din familii fara vizibilitate publica.